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Our Dogs

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Meet our Dogs

All of our dogs complete health screenings before joining our breeding program. OFA  hip, elbow,  eye,  and  heart  clearances as well as genetic testing is performed to help make the best pairings and to produce puppies with the best probability of excellent health. We also take into consideration the temperament of each of our Golden Retrievers to produce a well balanced and friendly companion, who exhibits all of the classic traits of the breed.  To ensure our line is consistent with the Retriever's original purpose, we train in obedience and participate in AKC Hunt Tests and other events to demonstrate their impressive versatility.


Resident Breeding Dam


"Peregrin of the Westfarthing Shire"

AKC Junior Hunt Title

DOB: 12-11-2019    Weight: 65 Lbs

Coat: Medium Gold

AKC: SS16015607

K9data link: Visit K9data

Pippin is the Queen of Goldberry Retrievers & the light of our lives! She has a lithe,  sturdy build, with a medium length coat that lightens in summer & shows deeper auburn gold tones in winter.  Retrieving in water & on land is her favorite activity, followed by exploring Alaska's frontier. She is eager to please, extremely trainable & intelligent. The perfect balance of energy for playtime & calmness for family activities or movie night.  She is a wonderful mother and will hopefully have several more litters. 


Future Resident Stud

Theo 2024_2.jpg

"Goldberry's King Theoden of Rohan"

Training for JH & SH Title

DOB: 02-25-2023

Coat: Medium Gold

AKC: SS40071101

K9data link: Visit K9data

Theo is our hopeful future stud for Goldberry Retrievers. We brought him from the lower 48 and are so excited to train him to be a reliable hunting dog and family companion.  He has a very sweet personality and takes instruction well.  Following his nose to new adventures and playing fetch are top priorities.  His lineage is from healthy, well balanced dogs and when he passes his health tests in 2025, we will pair him to throw his first litter. We estimate he will be about 75 lbs when full grown. 


Visiting Stud


"Odin Tarold"

Proven Stud

DOB: 11-29-2015    Weight: 94 lbs

Coat: Dark Red Gold

AKC: SR91000202

K9data link: Visit K9data

Odin is a visiting stud owned by our friend Billy Bagron. He has thrown multiple healthy litters,  supplying many families with Golden joy! He has a beautiful reddish coat,  a large,  strong build and loyal retriever eyes.  His OFA and Genetics tests are excellent.  He loves water, retrieving, and playing with other dogs and people.  He is a true gentle giant and is especially wonderful with children and babies.  Completely biddable,  his only wish is to give love and be loved in return.  Also to eat snacks! 


Visiting Stud



DOB: 03-20-2019     Weight: 80 lbs

Coat: Light Gold

AKC: SS12016103

K9data link: Visit K9data

Cello is a visiting stud owned by John and Danette Schloeder. He comes from show champion lines and spends his time achieving awards in the ring, agility, hunt tests and exploring Alaska with his kennel mates. He has an upbeat, playful personality and loves to learn new things for a treat or belly rub. He has a light, longer coat, blocky head, and luxurious wagging tail.  We hope to use him again in the future as his genetics combined with Pippin produced excellent results!   

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Available Puppies

Goldberry Retrievers Logo Berry

We have a planned litter for 2024. Currently taking applications for our waitlist. Once pregnancy is confirmed, we will require a deposit of $500. Remaining $1500 due upon pick up.  Review our Contract and Health Warrenty.


Dame: Pippin     Sire: Odin or Cello
Whelp Date: September or October 2024
Ready for new homes: November or December 2024
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Past Litters

Each litter is named in theme with Tolkien ( We are big fans of the Lord of the Rings). Weekly images and updates are posted on our Facebook page. Images below from our 2022 and 2023 litters.

2022 Shire Litter
Dam: Pippin       Sire: Odin

Goldberry Retrievers Past Litters Group
Goldberry Retrievers Past Litters 2022 Duo
Goldberry Retrievers Past Litters 2022 Torch

2023 Rohan Litter
Dam: Pippin       Sire: Cello

Goldberry Retrievers Past Litters 2023 Theo Stacked
Goldberry Retrievers Past Litters 2023 Bath
Goldberry Retrievers Past Litters 2023 Roses
Goldberry Retrievers Past Litters 2023 Puppy Crown
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